Welcome to the CLARU website!

Champions of Learning Analytics at Reykjavik University (CLARU aka hin kláru) is a multidisciplinary research group where Learning Analytics, Educational sciences, Information technology, and the academic community collaborate to improve the teaching and learning at RU.

            Before adopting its formal (and fabulous) name, CLARU was known as the Learning Analytics Research Team. It was established in January 2020 in the Computer Science Department at RU. It has focused its efforts on exploring the valuable information generated by the students’ online activity to identify and understand the factors that drive effective learning. The analysis of online patterns and behaviors, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on teaching and learning, and student profiling are the research topics studied in detail by the team.

            In 2021 and 2022, the team was granted a place in the Echo360 Academic Champions Programme. To be part of the program, the team proposed projects for supporting teachers and students in the optimal use of lecture recordings and engagement tools in a strategic manner to facilitate meaningful teaching and learning.

            In autumn 2021, CLARU launched the project with the support of seven ambassadors at RU. The goals of the project are threefold:

  • To improve your teaching and your students’ learning experience through better use of the Echo360 platform.
  • To improve our joint understanding of our students’ learning behavior through better use of data.
  • To increase the quality of the data about learning.

We at CLARU are committed to providing support and improving the teaching and learning experience at RU!